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Deiter Bros. Heating Cooling Energy Bethlehem, PA

24 Hr emergency service for our customers.

Deiter Bros has the knowledge, experience and qualified technicians to help you with all your HVAC service needs in the Bethlehem PA area. We provide a multitude of services such as furnace installation, furnace repairs, A/C installation, A/C servicing, Duct cleaning, Hot water heater installation and repair and Furnace Fuel delivery. Our services will keep your homes water running smoothly and air clean and allergy free.

Having a reliable HVAC service provider instills you with the peace of mind that your homes water and Air, cooling and heating goes on smoothly. Deiter Bros is experienced in working on all makes and models of hot water heating systems. Whether you need a system is electric, is oil fired, or runs on gas, Deiter Bros can provide you with the best hot water heating alternative for your home.

HVAC Services

Bethlehem, PA
Bethlehem PA, Deiter Bros will handle all your HVAC services needs. We offer the best HVAC services around and we are very affordable. Deiter Bros are ready to visit your home, conduct a survey and fix your air conditioning and heating systems. In Bethlehem Deiter Bros are the best HVAC contractors and always deliver quality services. We will ensure that you enjoy good temperatures and have access to clean air and water.

At Bethlehem, PA we have contractors who are experienced and highly rated in this city to handle all your Air conditioning, heating, geothermal, propane, oil installations& many others.

HVAC Services and Installations
Bethlehem PA will handle all your HVAC needs.  We offer the best HVAC services around and we are very affordable. Bethlehem PA is ready to visit your home, conduct a survey and fix your air conditioning and heating systems. Bethlehem HVAC services will ensure that you enjoy good temperatures and have access to clean air and water.

Air Conditioning Services and Installations
Bethlehem, PA will take care of all your air conditioning services and installations. We offer the best air conditioning services and maintenance in homes, work places, computer rooms, class rooms, shops and many other places that require these services. We always give our clients the extra comfort needed in their homes and places of work or study.

Heating Services and Installations
All heating services are available at Bethlehem, PA. Our specialists are highly qualified and trained to handle heating systems of all brands. Trust us to work on your electric heat pumps, boilers, gas furnaces, oil furnaces and many more.

Propane Delivery
Bethlehem, PA offers delivery services for Propane tanks. We have trucks that are scheduled to do the deliveries at different areas and we plan with our clients to know the dates that are suitable for them. We can also offer next day delivery for emergency propane needs and our delivery rates are very friendly.

Oil Delivery
We make oil delivery easy and convenient for our customers’ right at your home. Our prices are very affordable because we offer discounts to our customers and you can order online, available 24 hours daily.

Water Conditioning
At Bethlehem, PA we offer fresh water for your home. We will provide a detailed analysis through state laboratories to check your water and ensure that it’s safe for use. We test the water to find out the following; water quality, PH level, minerals, metals and EPA compliance status. We always get the job done right.

Generator Installation
At Bethlehem, PA we are highly rated, licensed, insured and skilled professional in carrying out generator installations. We provide safe and reliable commercial and residential generator installation services that are unquestionable.

About Bethlehem

Bethlehem PA

Bethlehem is the seventh largest city in Pennsylvania and is located along the banks of the Monocacy Creek by the Lehigh River in the counties of Lehigh and North Hampton counties. Money magazine counted Bethlehem as 88th out of its Top 100 Best Places to Live.

The town of Bethlehem received its name in 1741 on Christmas Eve from David Nitschmann and Count Nicolaus von Zinzendorf. The men founded the mission community along with a small group of Moravians. They named the town after the Biblical town Bethlehem of Judea, the birthplace of Jesus.

Bethlehem became of historical significance in 1762 when the town built the first water works in the country to pump water intended for public use. Bethlehem’s founding of water works lent it to be the ideal location the Bethlehem Steel corporations due to the large amounts of water needed during the steel making process. Once promoted as the second largest steel producer in the country, Bethlehem Steel was also one of the world’s largest shipbuilding companies. The company was a leader in American industrial manufacturing.

The city is famous for a multitude of festivals that include the annual Musikfest that draws over a million people, the Bethlehem Bach Festival, the Celtic Classic, the SouthSide Film Festival, and the North East Art Rock Festival. These festivals draw over a million visitors per year to the town.

The city is also nicknamed ‘Christmas City, USA’ due to the Christmas star that was first installed on the Bethlehem hotel by Marion Grace during the depression. The Star was eventually moved to South Mountain and rebuilt. It is bright enough that it can be seen 20 miles away.

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Bethlehem, PA

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Driving Directions

Local Weather

Bethlehem’s climate falls in the humid continental or minimal criteria of the humid subtropical climate zone, depending on the preferred January isotherm. Summers are typically hot and humid, fall and spring are generally mild, and winter is cold. Precipitation is distributed throughout the year, with thunderstorms in the summer, showers in spring and fall, and snow in winter. The average high temperature varies widely, from 36 °F (2 °C) in January to 84 °F (29 °C) in July. The highest recorded temperature was 105 °F (41 °C), while the lowest recorded temperature was −16 °F (−27 °C).
January is the coldest month, with temperatures ranging from 1 to 13 degree Celsius (33–55 °F). From May through September, the weather is warm and sunny. August is the hottest month, with a high of 30 degrees Celsius (86 °F). Bethlehem receives an average of 700 millimeters (28 in) of rainfall annually, 70% between November and January.[59]

Bethlehem’s average annual relative humidity is 60% and reaches its highest rates between January and February. Humidity levels are at their lowest in May. Night dew may occur in up to 180 days per year. The city is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea breeze that occurs around mid-day. However, Bethlehem is affected also by annual waves of hot, dry, sandy and dust Khamaseen winds from the Arabian Desert, during April, May and mid-June.

Monthly Averages & Records –
Date Average
January 19° 35° -16° (1912) 72° (1950) 3.5″ 11.1″
February 21° 39° -12° (1934) 76° (1985) 2.75″ 9.4″
March 29° 49° -5° (1934) 87° (1998) 3.56″ 5.7″
April 38° 60° 12° (1923) 94° (1915) 3.49″ 0.8″
May 48° 71° 29° (1996) 97° (1962) 4.47″ 0″
June 58° 79° 39° (1972) 100° (1966) 3.99″ 0″
July 63° 84° 38° (1938) 105° (1966) 4.27″ 0″
August 61° 82° 41° (1986) 105° (1918) 4.35″ 0″
September 53° 74° 31° (1963) 99° (1980) 4.37″ 0″
October 41° 63° 19° (1921) 93° (1941) 3.33″ 0.1″
November 33° 51° 3° (1938) 81° (1950) 3.7″ 1.4″
December 24° 40° -9° (1917) 72° (2006) 3.39″ 3.8″

Deiter Bros Proudly Serves Our Local Communities!


You will find Deiter Bros is well equipped with the knowledge, experience, professional team members and resources to take care of all your HVAC needs:

  • You can call us any time for your HVAC emergency.
  • You can contact us for installation, maintenance and repair services.
  • You are able to schedule your non-emergency service online.
  • No matter what type of system you have we will be able to service it since we work with all makes and models.
  • Whether you are a business or residential customer, we can take care of your heating requirements.
  • You will have access to financing resources so you are never left out in the cold when it comes to your home heating system.
  • We offer convenient financing resources to help you with your business or home heating needs.

If you are in need of HVAC services in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA) or the Lehigh Valley and neighboring areas, you may call 1-800-DEITER-1 for emergency HVAC services.

You may also conveniently schedule your non emergency HVAC service on our website now.