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Deiter Bros. Heating Cooling Energy Allentown, PA

24 Hr emergency service for our customers.

We at Deiter Bros provide the most complete furnace installation services in Allentown PA. You might not know this but, furnaces that require constant repair just are not worth spending on. It isn’t cost effective to repair these furnaces as the aggregate cost of repairs ends up being more than what you could spend on a purchasing a brand new furnace.

So if your furnace is old and requires require frequent repairs, then its time you changed it. We at Deiter Bros have the expertise and experience in the HVAC services arena and with us on your side we can help you choose the best furnace for your home. We also provide a plethora of other HVAC services such as A/C installation and service, duct cleaning and so on.

HVAC Services

Allentown, PA
At Allentown, PA we have contractors who have been trained and highly rated in this city and the most sought after to take care of your Air conditioning, heating, geothermal, propane, oil installations& many others.

HVAC Services and Installations
Allentown will take care of all your HVAC services. We are available 24/7 to install, conduct maintenance and repair services. Our services can be readily accessed online and the good thing is that we work with all models and makes. We work with residential and business customers. Our contractors have a long term experience.

Air Conditioning Services and Installations
Allentown, PA will take care of all your air conditioning services and installations. We have great feedback from our clients and we always deliver quality services to give our clients the extra comfort needed in their homes. We always leave a home better than we found it.

Heating Services and Installations
All heating services and installations are available at Allentown, PA. We have highly qualified and trained specialists who have the ability to service heating systems of all brands. We can work on your electric heat pumps, boilers, gas furnaces, oil furnaces and many more.

Propane Delivery
Allentown, PA offers delivery services for Propane tanks. We have trucks that are scheduled to do the deliveries at different areas and we plan with our clients to know the dates that are suitable for them. We can also offer next day delivery for emergency propane needs and our delivery rates are very friendly.

Oil Delivery
We make oil delivery easy and convenient for our customers’ right at your home. Our prices are very affordable because we offer discounts to our customers and you can order online, available 24 hours daily.

Water Conditioning
At Allentown, PA we offer fresh water for your home. We will provide a detailed analysis through state laboratories to check your water and ensure that it’s safe for use. We test water quality, PH level, minerals, metals and EPA compliance status. We always get the job done right.

Generator Installation
At Allentown, PA we are highly rated, licensed, insured and skilled professional in handling generator installations. We are well known for providing safe and reliable commercial and residential generator installation services.

About Allentown

Allentown PA

Allentown PA is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and it is also one of our favorite places to serve our customers. Located on the Lehigh River, Allentown was one of only six communities in the country to be cited as a national success story in April of 2016. The Urban Land Institute presented this honor on Allentown for the redevelopment and transformation of its downtown location.

One of Allentown’s claim to fame is the fact that they hid the Liberty Bell from the British during the American Revolutionary War. The Pennsylvania Supreme Executive Council assigned two local resident to hide the Liberty Bell in the Old Zion Reformed Church that is now center city Allentown.

In 1861 Allentown answered President Lincoln’s call for volunteer troops to defend the nation’s capital. They sent a unit called the Allen Guards to protect and guard the capital for three months. The Allen Guards helped to prevent the city from being captured by Confederate soldiers and they came to be known as the Pennsylvania First Defenders.

Lehigh Valley and Allentown have a unique history due to the barter exchange that was used when they were originally purchased by William Penn’s sons John, Thomas and Richard. The Penn brother’s made the agreement to barter the land from 23 Native American Chiefs with an offer of clothing, weapons and other miscellaneous items.

Service Areas in PA

Allentown, PA

Bethlehem, PA

Easton, PA

Driving Directions

Local Weather


Allentown, Pennsylvania, 2010
Summers in Eastern Pennsylvania are hot and very humid, with temperatures in the mid-80s and low-90s. The average high temperature peaks at 84 °F (29 °C), but highs can often surpass that, with the all-time record high standing at 105 °F (41 °C). Humidity is often around 80 percent, which is a drastic change for someone living in the Southwest United States. Rain is common, and is often accompanied by strong or severe thunderstorms. These will cause quite a large amount of rain, but they do not last long at all. Air conditioning is popular among most households in the summer months, because high temperatures and high humidity can make the air feel much warmer than the actual temperature.


Autumn is fairly mild, with daytime temperatures in the 70s and 60s. Autumn brings more wind, and sometimes heavier rainfall. Trees begin to lose their leaves before the cold winter season. Indian summer may occur.


Winters are cool to cold, with January’s high temperature at 35 °F (2 °C). The highest temperature recorded was 76 °F (24 °C) in February, 87 °F (31 °C) in March, and 72 °F (22 °C) in both December and January. Snowfall is common, with amounts varying greatly between seasons. Snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain can cause road problems and school closures. In February 2007, Interstate Highway 78 was closed just west of the city. Drivers were stranded on the stretch of highway for as much as 24 hours, with overturned tractor trailers blocking the way. Winter sports are popular, such as snowboarding and skiing, and they can be enjoyed in the Pocono Mountains, just north of the Lehigh Valley.


Spring is a season of growth, with new grass growing and flowers blooming. Animals come out of hibernation, and sun fills the city and its surroundings. Temperatures are on the rise, but March and April bring much rain, with light rain that can last for hours on end. That gives way to warm May and June months, and shore weather is in the forecast for many residents.


Date Average
January 19° 35° -16° (1912) 72° (1950) 3.5″ 11.1″
February 21° 39° -12° (1934) 76° (1985) 2.75″ 9.4″
March 29° 49° -5° (1934) 87° (1998) 3.56″ 5.7″
April 38° 60° 12° (1923) 94° (1915) 3.49″ 0.8″
May 48° 71° 29° (1996) 97° (1962) 4.47″ 0″
June 58° 79° 39° (1972) 100° (1966) 3.99″ 0″
July 63° 84° 38° (1938) 105° (1966) 4.27″ 0″
August 61° 82° 41° (1986) 105° (1918) 4.35″ 0″
September 53° 74° 31° (1963) 99° (1980) 4.37″ 0″
October 41° 63° 19° (1921) 93° (1941) 3.33″ 0.1″
November 33° 51° 3° (1938) 81° (1950) 3.7″ 1.4″
December 24° 40° -9° (1917) 72° (2006) 3.39″ 3.8″

Deiter Bros Proudly Serves Our Local Communities!

You will find Deiter Bros is well equipped with the knowledge, experience, professional team members and resources to take care of all your HVAC needs:

  • You can call us any time for your HVAC emergency.
  • You can contact us for installation, maintenance and repair services.
  • You are able to schedule your non-emergency service online.
  • No matter what type of system you have we will be able to service it since we work with all makes and models.
  • Whether you are a business or residential customer, we can take care of your heating requirements.
  • You will have access to financing resources so you are never left out in the cold when it comes to your home heating system.
  • We offer convenient financing resources to help you with your business or home heating needs.

If you are in need of HVAC services in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA) or the Lehigh Valley and neighboring areas, you may call 1-800-DEITER-1 for emergency HVAC services.

You may also conveniently schedule your non emergency HVAC service on our website now.