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Water Conditioning

Now you can get rid of all your hard water problems without breaking your back carrying in forty pound bags of salt.

Treating Hard Water With Water Conditioning


Are you tired of scouring white spots off your faucets? Is your back (and wallet) breaking from all the extra drinking water you have to drag home? Does your hair and skin feel strange after you have just taken a shower? Are your appliances acting strange? Has your water pressure started to slow down to a trickle?

Minerals in your water can cause all kinds of personal and household issues that you may not have ever considered before. Discover how minerals in your water can affect you and what water conditioning treatments will prevent and resolve hard water problems.


Lifeless Hair

Hard water can leave you with lifeless dull hair due to the residue left behind. The residue caused from built-up minerals prevents your hair from soaking up conditioners and natural oils. Your hair can be left feeling dry, like straw, and just plain limp and dull.

Dull Hair Color

Do you find yourself visiting the salon more often to get your hair colored? Minerals found in hard water can cause your hair color to wash out faster. Coloring your hair more often can damage your hair and give it a straw-like appearance. In the end you wind up spending more money and more time to end up with washed out damaged hair.

Skin Problems

Hardwater can clog your pores, irritate your skin and cause you to age faster.

  • Breakouts – The calcium and magnesium in hard water prevents soap from forming a good lather. This results in leaving behind a layer of film on your skin. Your pores can become clogged from this film which can cause acne and breakouts.
  • Dry Skin -The minerals in hard water can strip oils from your skin. On top of stripping out oils, the film residue left behind prevents moisture from being absorbed by your skin. Your skin can quickly become dry, itchy and irritated.
  • Premature Aging – Hard water prevents your skin from absorbing moisture and maintaining your natural oils. The minerals in the water can also form free radicals which damage healthy skin cells. Free radicals can also be destructive on your skin’s collagen. Damaged collagen and skin cells will quickly turn into fine lines and wrinkles. All of this damage to your skin will cause your skin to wrinkle and age faster and cause you to look older.

Appliance Breakdown

Minerals and hardwater can cause havoc on appliances. Hot water heaters, dishwashers, ice makers and coffee pots are all susceptible to mineral buildup. The mineral buildup can cause parts in appliances to malfunction and quit working. Pipes and waterlines can become clogged with buildup that can reduce water flow, water pressure and eventually cause the unit to break down.


Clogged Pipes

Household pipes and plumbing are especially susceptible to mineral buildup. The buildup in pipes throughout the home can cause low water pressure due to the water flow being restricted by the buildup. If left untreated this can eventually cause the water flow to become so restricted that drastic methods must be taken to remove the buildup and restore the water pressure.

Spotted Hardware

The buildup on sinks, counters and faucets requires frequent cleaning with harsher methods to remove the buildup. This can wear out the enamel and other finishings on your hardware. The finishes will look start to look flat and dull and eventually need to be replaced. Keeping counter tops and faucets free from hard-water spots can keep you continuously scrubbing these areas to try and keep them free from spots.

Salt Water Conditioning

Many people turn to water conditioning to eliminate their hard water problems. There are many options to choose from but not all of them are equal. Water softeners that use salt to reduce minerals in the water are a popular method for reducing hard water problems. While water conditioners that use salt can be effective, most people have a hard time maintaining them. Heavy bags of salt must be purchased on a regular basis and brought back home to fill the tank.


Most water softeners are in the basement which means homeowners have to haul 40lb bags of salt from the car into the house and down into the basement. This can be a physically exhausting as well as time consuming expense. Many home owners find themselves procrastinating with maintaining a water softener that requires salt and end up not doing it at all.

EasyWater Conditioning

At Deiter Bros, we are relentless in pursuing the best and most economical method for our customers to solve their hard water problems. Our research has brought us to the conclusion that the EasyWater is the best water conditioning solution for our customers.

EasyWater does not require the expense and hassle of using salt to maintain the system. Instead, EasyWater modifies the electrical charge in the minerals so they can’t attach to pipes. This prevents the caking effect that causes buildup in pipes. Instead of using salt, EasyWater removes minerals with an electronic device that installs on the water feed pipe coming into the home. This ensures all water circulating throughout the home is free from mineral deposits.

In addition to preventing buildup, EasyWater actually works to remove minerals that have already built up in your pipes. It breaks down the electrical bonds holding the buildup together and cleans it out over time.

Don’t deal with hard water issues any longer.

Call Deiter Bros today and ask about getting your own EasyWater unit installed.