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One day without heat to warm your home or hot water to take a shower will give you a new appreciation for your HVAC systems that provide these conveniences.

While most heating systems tirelessly work around the clock to keep your home and water toasty and warm, there will usually come a time when your heating systems require some type of servicing.

forced air gas furnaceFurnace Service

With regular upkeep and maintenance, your furnace should last you around 15-20 years. Obviously the older your furnace gets the more repairs it will require.

A faulty thermostat can prevent your furnace from functioning properly. Turning the heating setting on the thermostat up and waiting to see if it forces the furnace to turn on will help you to determine if your thermostat needs replaced.

Many times home owners fail to check and see if a fuse has blown that is preventing the furnace from coming on. This is a quick fix and should be one of your first steps in troubleshooting furnace issues.

Water Heater Service

There is nothing better than a shower to help you feel refreshed, get your blood pumping and prepare you for the day.

Being able to identify signs that your water heater may be ready to need servicing will help you to have it repaired before you are left running out of the house feeling tired and dirty because you didn’t get your shower.

If you notice water on the floor around your water heater, it could mean there may be fractures in your water heater that will only get worse over time.

Rusty water can indicate a tank that is rusting on the inside and distributing that rusty water throughout the home’s water system.

Gas Heater Service

If your gas heater is not coming on, one of the first things you should check is the pilot light. The pilot orifice may have gotten clogged and needs to be cleaned.

A few other things to check on your gas heater is to be sure the flame isn’t set too low, that there isn’t a defective safety shut off valve or that you haven’t run out of gas.

Heat Pump Service

It is always advisable when dealing with a heat pump to first check and make sure the filter isn’t clogged. You will also want to check that the return air registers are not blocked.

Though heat pumps have a defrost cycle that comes on periodically, it is still fairly common for them to freeze up in extremely cold weather. It is always a good idea to check the condenser unit to see if it has frozen up. If it has then you should turn the heat pump off.

Gas Furnace Service

If you find your gas furnace it constantly turning on and off, it could indicate that the motor needs lubrication.

If you aren’t getting enough heat, you should check the filter and see if it needs to be replaced. Dirty, clogged filters can prevent air flow from the furnace.

A lot of noise coming from your furnace can indicate blower belts that are worn out, damaged, or have become too loose.

Boiler Service

Water leaks or faulty valves can cause the pressure in your boiler to drop too low. Once the pressure drops too low your boiler may not function properly.

Checking the pressure on your boiler by reading the pressure gauge on your system and aligning it with the manufacturer’s specifications will alert you to issues that need to be addressed.

Working with combustible fuels and air-flow from your heating system can be dangerous if not performed properly. It is always advisable to have an HVAC professional service your heating system.

Deiter Bros professional heating service technicians are available to troubleshoot, advise and repair your heating system for you.

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You will find Deiter Brothers is well equipped with the knowledge, experience, professional team members and resources to take care of all your HVAC needs:

  • You can call us any time for your HVAC emergency.
  • You can contact us for installation, maintenance and repair services.
  • You are able to schedule your non-emergency service online.
  • No matter what type of system you have we will be able to service it since we work with all makes and models.
  • Whether you are a business or residential customer, we can take care of your heating requirements.
  • You will have access to financing resources so you are never left out in the cold when it comes to your home heating system.
  • We offer convenient financing resources to help you with your business or home heating needs.

If you are in need of HVAC services in New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA) or the Lehigh Valley and neighboring areas, you may call 1-800-DEITER-1 for emergency HVAC services.

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