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Deiter Bros Fuel Delivery

Call Deiter Bros for All Your Fuel Delivery Needs

Having fuel delivered on a regular basis will ensure you and your family are always prepared for any cold temperatures Mother Nature might throw our way.

Whether you need oil or propane, Deiter Bros is ready and able to deliver your fuel right when you need it most.

Fuel Delivery Areas

Keeping our customers happy and their homes warm is our top priority at Deiter Bros. We have instituted a large service area to be able to service our customers no matter where they are.

Deiter Bros has convenient fuel delivery in the surrounding Lehigh Valley area area and the following locations:

Phillipsburg PA

Bethlehem PA

Easton PA

Hackettstown PA

Allentown PA

Northampton PA

Ordering Fuel

Our online oil and propane ordering system allows you to create your own account and immediately place your order for delivery.

Whether you are on your laptop, tablet or phone, you can still easily place your order so you are always prepared.

Fuel Supply

Deiter Bros keeps a supply of home heating oil and propane on-site at our three locations in Bethlehem PA.

This ensures we always have plenty of fuel available to meet all our customer’s fuel needs.

Our ‘Degree Day’ system alerts us to when you will need your fuel refilled so you are sure to never run out of fuel.

Fuel Quality

As a quality conscious heating oil and propane supplier, Deiter Bros only the highest grade of fuels for your home.

All of our storage containers are cleaned on a consistent schedule to ensure you only receive the best quality fuel.

Your heating system is sure to run as clean and efficient as possible with our high grade additive we include to maximize your fuel effectiveness.


Environment Friendly Fuel

For those customers who want to help us protect the environment, we have also launched an even cleaner burning fuel that is more environmentally friendly. The EnviraFuel is lower in sulfur content which enables it to minimize acid rain and minimize dangerous sulfur oxides from being released into the air and ground.  An added bonus when using EnviraFuel is that it burns cleaner, reduces soot, and extends the life of your heating system.


Fuel Payment Plans

Whether you want to order fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, propane or EnviraFuel, Deiter Bros will be able to meet all your home heating fuel needs.


Many of our customers prefer to have alternative payment methods for their fuel delivery. So we have also made it convenient for you to submit your payment online so you are sure to never run out of fuel on a subzero evening.


With our customer’s in mind, we offer a variety of budget friendly fuel payment plans to be sure all our customer’s never experience an empty fuel tank. Our fuel and propane payment programs will help you keep your tank filled and your home toasty warm all winter long.


CAP Plan Only

Our CAP protection program sets a limit on what you are charged for fuel. You will receive the benefit of lower fuel prices.

Prepayment Plan

Our prepayment plan allows you to make an up-front payment with a fixed price per gallon and is automatically delivered to your home.

BetterWay™ with CAP

This program uses your estimated fuel usage and puts it into 12 interest-free installment payments. This plan also provides a guaranteed price maximum.

Prepayment Extended Plan

If you prefer an installment plan then our prepayment extended plan will be just right for you. You will be able to lock in a fixed price per gallon for the year with just three installment payments.


We are committed to ensuring our customers have high quality fuel delivered in a timely manner with a payment plan that is affordable.

Deiter Brothers is equipped with the knowledge, experience, professional team members and resources to take care of all your fuel ordering and delivery needs:

  • Convenient Fuel Delivery Areas
  • Easy Online Fuel Ordering
  • Plenty of Fuel Supply
  • High Quality Fuel
  • Environmental Friendly Fuel
  • Convenient Payment Plans

If you are in need of fuel delivery in the Lehigh Valley and neighboring areas, give Deiter Bros a call at 1-800-DEITER-1

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