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Deiter Bros Company

We have a long tradition of serving Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas


Deiter Bros. has a long tradition of serving the community. We have serviced the Lehigh Valley and surrounding locations since 1929. Being a member of the local community we serve, gives Deiter Bros a unique insight into the values and traditions our neighbors value and hold dear. We understand what is important to members of our community and strive to give our customers the best value and service available anywhere in the market.

The 30’s

What began as one truck and three Deiter family members making deliveries of block ice to the Bethlehem area, soon turned into specializing into delivering oil and coal to local homes by 1931. We saw that value oil and coal could provide for our customers and sought to provide them with the best home heating products and services for their needs. Our service was so dependable that reliability and the Deiter name soon went hand in hand. The Deiter Bros name soon became synonymous with home heating and we were quickly becoming one of Lehigh Valley’s largest heating fuel companies.

As the Deiter family grew and expanded, the business expanded right along with them. We introduced a new generation to the family business who were just as loyal and dedicated as the prior generation.

The 70’s & 80’s

By 1970 four decades had passed and the tradition and dedication of the family saw Deiter become a household name in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. We had quickly become one of the largest heating fuel companies in our area.

Three generations had entered the family business by 1980. Along with new family members entering the business, the company also grew and added Walters Oil and the Deiter Brothers Commercial Fuels Division to better serve our commercial customers.

The 90’s

Fuel sales of diesel and gasoline soared and provided new opportunities for Deiter Bros to provide additional convenient services for our customers.

The 1990’s saw Deiter Bros providing 24-hour card-controlled automated fueling sites by becoming part of the national Pacific Pride network.

2010 and Beyond

Keeping true to the Deiter Bros legacy of high quality service, we began offering delivery of propane to our customers in 2010. In addition to propane delivery we also began performing propane installation and maintenance. The propane addition helped us make sure all of our customers had every type of fuel supply they need to ensure they have a warm home and fully functioning appliances.


Deiter Bros now offers a full range of heating oil, propane and HVAC services. We provide commercial and residential HVAC installation and maintenance, as well as duct cleaning and radiant heating. We offer maintenance agreements and HVAC financing.


To make sure our customers never go without fresh clean water, we also install water softening systems for homes or businesses with hard water. This helps remove minerals that can be detrimental to your home’s pipes and appliances.


In order to ensure our customers never go without, we also provide generator installations as a backup system to keep your electric and home up and running at all times in the event of a storm or power outage.


Over the years the dedication of Deiter Bros coupled with our flexibility to the market, and most importantly, the needs of our customers, has ensured Deiter Bros stamped our legacy into the local community.

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