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heat waveMany of us can’t imagine enduring a sweltering summer without air conditioning to cool us down and make it more bearable. What was once a luxury has now become a necessity by most of our standards.

Aside from the obvious benefits we receive from a nicely cooled environment, air conditioning is critical for many people during record breaking days. The elderly, children and people who are sick or have health issues can experience life threatening effects when temperatures soar too high.

Keeping your air conditioning running smoothly and maintaining a consistent temperature is imperative for maintaining a healthy environment.

Air Conditioner Service

If you find yourself dripping with sweat and panting in front of a fan trying to stay cool because your air conditioner is not working, you will be glad to know there are some simple steps you can take to troubleshoot your AC unit and identify what the problem might be.

Not turning on

We will get the bad news out of the way first. If your air conditioner won’t turn on at all, it most likely indicates you have a burnt out compressor. This will require replacing the compressor. If your AC unit is older, this might an ideal time to consider having a new air conditioning system installed.

Not blowing air

If your air conditioner is not blowing air, one of the first things you should check is the thermostat. If it has an AC or cool setting, be sure it is turned to that option. Also check what temperature the thermostat is set to.

It may seem too simple of an issue, but many times different family members will adjust the thermostat without alerting anyone. It is a good idea to have an agreed upon temperature setting that everyone is aware of to avoid confusion.

Air is not cold

If the air coming out is not cold it could indicate the refrigerant in the system needs to be recharged. It is vital that the correct refrigerant recommended by your unit’s manufacturer be used for the best results.

You may also want to check the lines coming into the house from the outdoor unit. They should be encase in insulation to maintain the cool air.

High energy bills

If you feel as if your air conditioner is not performing as well as it did the year before and you notice your energy bills increasing, you will first want to check the filter to see if it has become dirty and needs to be cleaned..

If your filter is not the problem, you can move on to checking the condensed coil. The condensed coil is located in the outdoor unit. It has numerous cooling fans that can become clogged with dirt and debris.

Ductless Air Conditioner Service

ductless air conditioner

If your ductless air conditioner won’t turn on you will always want to check the power supply first to make sure it is getting power to it.

If your power supply is not the issue, your next step should be to check the remote and be sure the batteries are still charged and functioning properly.

As with any heating or cooling system, you will also want to check and make sure you don’t have a blown fuse.

There is nothing worse than spending hours trying to troubleshoot your system, only to find out you just need to reset the fuse.

If none of these troubleshooting steps fix your ductless air conditioner, you may have a burnt out compressor which will need to be repaired by a professional.

Commercial Air Conditioning Service

When dealing with commercial air conditioning, the steps to identify problems are similar to troubleshooting a standard air conditioner. It is always advisable to contact a professional to service commercial air conditioning systems.

Following the outlined troubleshooting steps will help you to identify and correct problems with your air conditioning system. You should always contact a professional for any service that is beyond the most basic measures.

Deiter Bros. professional air conditioning technicians are always ready to troubleshoot and service your air conditioning system to keep your home cool all summer long.

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You will find Deiter Brothers is well equipped with the knowledge, experience, professional team members and resources to take care of all your HVAC needs:

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  • We offer convenient financing resources to help you with your business or home heating needs.

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